Terms & Conditions for "United We Go Higher"

  1. 1. Lucky draw winners will be announced daily on the website & facebook page at 6pm PST.
  2. 2. Lucky Draw will be conducted on the basis of IMEI#. And the corresponding Manchester United Insurance Card number will be posted on the website and facebook page. Lucky winners required to submit the copy of Manchester United Insurance Card and Manufacturer Warranty Card clearly mentioning the IMEI#/or to show the original phone.
  3. 3. Lucky winner should contact Haier within 2 weeks after the announcement of the winner to claim his merchandise.
  4. 4. Lucky winner can come at Haier office to collect the merchandise or it can be dispatched at his address after verification and matching of IME1# and Manchester United Insurance Card#. Lucky winners will contact through Haier call center or send message on Haier facebook page to claim their merchandise. Lucky winner has to upload his information on the website or at call center.
  5. 5. Haier mobile employees and their immediate family members are not entitled to participate in this campaign.
  6. 6. Lucky draw will be conducted through software which will select Lucky IME1# on random basis. Lucky draw will be conducted in the presence of at least 5 people and Haier management will make sure that process will be completely transparent.
  7. 7. Haier will bear all the expenses of merchandise. Haier will also bear all the expenses of carrying 20 lucky winners to Manchester except for the Visa fees processing.
  8. 8. Trip to Manchester will be of 3 days & 2 nights. The winners will be provided pre booked tickets for the dates that are recommended for travel by Manchester United Club. All the seats shall be booked in economy class.
  9. 9. Grand prize Lucky winners will arrange & provide the travel insurance certificate before departure to Haier Mobile.
  10. 10. No Lucky Winner can bring any family member along with. Only 20 announced lucky winners will participate in "Meet, Greet & Watch Manchester United Team Training Session".
  11. 11. If a lucky Winner will remain unsuccessful in getting the Visa, the offer will not be extended to any other nominee/relative. Moreover it is not refundable in cash or by replacement of any other item.
  12. 12. Haier mobile will update the date of travel at least 2 months before the departure on their facebook page and website.
  13. 13. Haier will make sure to have 1 month merchandise inventory with them to avoid any delay in handing over the daily merchandise to Lucky Winners. In case (due to any unforeseen event) Haier will not receive the ordered inventory, Haier will inform the individual customers about the reason of delay and expected time of delivery.
  14. 14. All the grand prize lucky winners will give an undertaking in writing that in case of any eventuality Manchester United/Aon/Haier shall not be responsible (We will get this draft from local compliance based on Pakistani Law).
  15. 15. Personal Accident Insurance coverage will start from the date of purchase of smart phone.
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